Style Options

There is a Cosmic Gateway suitable for every room and budget. These simplified drawings are meant to give you an idea what your different style options are.

The Cosmic Gateway Skylight is a round skylight typically between 3 and six feet in diametre.

The Classic Cosmic Gateway covers the entire ceiling. It features accurate constellations, shooting stars and a stunning view of the Milky Way.

The Mountain Fantasy and the Complete Fantasy are like the Classic Cosmic Gateway, but they also wrap down the walls. The Cosmic Gateway Mountain Fantasy comes down the wall to roughly the height of your light switch.

Cosmic Gateway Skylight

Cosmic Gateway Stargazing Skylight

Classic Cosmic Gateway

The Original Cosmic Gateway 3D Illusion

Cosmic Gateway Mountain Fantasy
Our most popular theme. We expand your room by light years with an illusion of distant mountains.

The Cosmic Gateway Alpine Mountain Fantasy

Cosmic Gateway Complete Fantasy
Stars wrap around walls and twinkle on the ceiling. Your worries of the day will be left on Earth.

The Cosmic Gateway Lost in Space Fantasy

The Cosmic Gateway Skylight is the most economical option, and the Cosmic Gateway Mountain Fantasy is our most popular option.

People prone to balance issues like vertigo are advised to keep their Cosmic Gateway on the ceiling to minimize the risk of dizziness and falls.

Yes, it is that realistic.

Still not sure what you want? Check out the FAQ on Cosmic Gateway.

Pricing subject to project size and materials. Please contact me with questions, or to schedule a free in-home estimate and demonstration.



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