Style Options

Style Options

There is a Cosmic Gateway suitable for every room and budget. Prices vary depending on selected style, room size and current promotions. Please contact Kim to inquire about pricing and how you can get a free 3-foot Skylight and exclusive discounts on style upgrades.

People prone to balance issues like vertigo are advised to keep their Cosmic Gateway on the ceiling to minimize the risk of dizziness and falls.

Yes, it is that realistic.

These simplified drawings are meant to give you an idea of what your different style options are. Full descriptions and details below.

Cosmic Gateway Skylight Style Option

The Cosmic Gateway Skylight is a round window to the stars available in 3 ft to 7 ft diameters.

Skylights Include:

Random Stars


Classic Cosmic Gateway Style Option

The Classic Cosmic Gateway covers the entire ceiling. Choose from 5 Star, 4 Star or Backyard Classic Cosmic Gateway options. Read the details of each option below.

5 Star Classic Includes:

Correct Constellations**3 Shooting Stars**Milky Way Galaxy**Owner’s Manual**Personalized Constellation Map**UV Quick-Charge Flashlight**2 x 3′ Skylight Gift Certificates

4 Star Classic Includes:

Correct Constellations**1 Shooting Star**Owner’s Manual**UV Quick-Charge Flashlight**1 x 3′ Skylight Gift Certificate

Backyard Classic Includes:

Random Stars**Owner’s Manual**UV Quick-Charge Flashlight**1 x 3′ Skylight Gift Certificate

Cosmic Gateway Mountain Fantasy Style Option

The Cosmic Gateway Mountain Fantasy comes down the wall to roughly the height of your light switch.

Cosmic Gateway Immersion Fantasy Style Option

The Immersion Fantasy is like the Classic Cosmic Gateway, but it extends down the walls all the way to the floor.

How To Qualify for Discount Pricing:

Have a Gift Certificate

Multi-room (3+) room discount

Host a Reveal Party

Still not sure what you want? Check out the FAQ on Cosmic Gateway.



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