Proper Lighting Tips for Your Cosmic Gateway Fine Art Stargazing Ceiling Mural

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Proper Lighting Tips for Your Cosmic Gateway Fine Art Stargazing Ceiling Mural

The lighting in your room is important because the type of bulb quantity or brightness will determine the efficiency at which the rare earth phosphors in the glow-in-the-dark paint charge up or energize. If you’re not loving your Cosmic Gateway, odds are, the lighting needs to be adjusted. Continue reading for Cosmic Gateway’s viewing tips for getting the most out of your hand-painted glow-in-the-dark star mural.

We use the best glow-in-the-dark paint, engineered with rare-earth phosphors for glow duration and color. This paint will glow all night long, every night for decades with the proper lighting.

The most efficient bulbs not only will charge the mural faster, but the glow will be brighter and last longer. Every room’s lighting is different, so you’ll find it worthy to experiment to find the best for you. Even turning on a 19” or larger TV before lights out can sometimes energize your custom star mural just fine. There may be enough indirect sunlight coming into the room during the day to energize your Cosmic Gateway. The point is the experiment.

The brighter lighting should be ON for 15-20 minutes before bedtime. The dimmer lighting for an estimated 30 minutes.

Here are some lighting sources listed from MOST to LEAST effective:

  • Black Light – tube or CFL spiral (24″ fixture and tube, and 18″ long fixtures and bulbs can be found online.) Black light is high in UV, ultra violet; and the paint is energized quickly with it.

  • Black Light UV LED’s
  • White fluorescent tubular bulbs
  • Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb “Daylight”
  • LED bulbs 100-Watt equivalent
  • Some TVs will energize the stars just fine.
  • Incandescent bulbs – standard light bulb – the brighter the better
  • Indirect sunlight. (Western window better, reflecting upward off of white carpet better.

Also, keep in mind that once your eyes get accustomed to the dark, more of the stars will be seen. Adult eyes can take 5 minutes to get accustomed to the dark, so that you can see all of the stars.

Your new Cosmic Gateway will be awaiting you every evening for years to come. Here are some more tips to help you enjoy your custom star mural. These tips will help you in obtaining the best viewing conditions.

A white, or light-colored ceiling and/or walls will reflect more of the paint’s glow into the room than would a darker paint. Please allow 3-6 minutes for your night vision to improve as your eyes to adjust to the dark. As with outdoor stargazing, light pollution reduces visibility. Darker is better, so consider covering the LED glow from electronic devices, and blackout shades or curtains.

Your Cosmic Gateway needs to be energized with light (photon energy). Energizing times vary depending on the lighting in the room. Some rooms get a lot of natural sunlight, while others don’t. Room size, the number of lamps as well as type and brightness of bulbs are also variables.

A small reading lamp by the bed will not be a very good source of energizing light. However, a bright light or a supplemental 18” tubular UV or blacklight is an excellent source of energy. UV blacklight can quick-charge your star mural in as little as 15 seconds depending on the size and power of the light! These lights can be purchased at many retail stores in-person or online.

As a rule, let’s assume you have a 12-foot square bedroom with a bare 200-Watt incandescent light bulb in the center of the room, allowing light to reach the ceiling. You’ll turn on your light for a few minutes before viewing your Cosmic Gateway to energize it.

  • Super 3 Cosmic Paint, quickly energized, needs 3-5 minutes of light energy to glow well for about an hour.

  • Super 10 Cosmic Paint, slowly energized, needs 15-20 minutes of light energy to glow all night long!

Super 3 paint is typically used for children’s rooms because it glows brightly for 15 minutes, and then slowly and gently fades away. Your child can focus on something interesting and educational instead of that monster in their closet! The gradual dimming of the mural causes the child’s eyes to drift closed slowly and can help them have a peaceful, restful night’s sleep. It’s the perfect nightlight without illuminating the room.

Super 10 paint is generally used for adult rooms and hotel rooms because this incredible paint glows all night long! This allows more than sufficient time for stressed-out individuals to experience the calming and meditative benefits of stargazing. Soon the worries of the day seem to melt away, replaced by a sense of peacefulness and tranquility.

In the dark or windowless environment, or with blackout shades/curtains, one may enter their peaceful haven, even during the day. Meditate, get a restful break or power-nap anytime!

Stargazing with your new Cosmic Gateway inspires the imagination, clears the mind and creates the perfect environment for conversation and intimacy. Consciously or subconsciously, the viewer may experience wonderous dreams, heightened ambitions, increased creativity, and problem-solving capabilities, and improved health.

Happy Stargazing!

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