Health Benefits of a Cosmic Gateway

Cosmic Gateway Collage

Health Benefits of a Cosmic Gateway

* Increases alpha brain waves
* Relieves stress and fatigue
* Improves mood
* Relaxes your mind
* Blood pressure decreases
* Heartbeats slower
* Muscles relax
* Enhances healing, health & well-being
* Aids in problem-solving, meditation, & reflection
* Inspires profound ideas
* Helps those who have trouble falling asleep, fear of the dark, and night terrors
* Makes the perfect night light without illuminating the room
* Creates the perfect environment for conversation and intimacy

Milky Way
Imagine falling asleep gazing into the Milky Way

Why Stargaze?

• “The awe-inspiring experience of stargazing lowers stress.” A University of Calif.Berkeley study
• “Stargazing eases anxiety.” Kathleen Emerson, LPN, CHPLN
• “It’s very relaxing.” Dr. Mike Margolis
• “Nearly every disease killing us in later life has a causal link to lack of sleep.” Matthew Walker, a UC Berkeley professor of psychology and neuroscience
• “Stargazing as Therapy.”
• “Improves the healthcare experience of patients and they recover quicker.” Professor Roger Ulrich study

Domesticated Humans?

For many of us, we work indoors, we live indoors, and rarely venture outside except to runaround to work or on errands. According to stats from a 2001 Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend 6% of their time in vehicles, and 87% of their time indoors. Humans are effective, at least in this day and age, an indoor species.

At one time, humans lived closely with nature. The human-nature relationship is not what it once was, and our physical and mental health is suffering as a result.

“In most cities, the sky looks as though it has been emptied of stars, leaving behind a vacant haze that mirrors our fear of the dark and resembles the urban glow of dystopian science fiction,” – National Geographic, November 2008.

Mississauga Monroe Towers at Night
Light pollution strips the city sky of stars.

The Biophilia Hypothesis

The biophilia hypothesis was proposed by Wilson, a renowned biologist and naturalist. This theory expresses the idea that humans evolved embedded in nature, and that nature contact still resonates powerfully with humans.

Howard Frumkin, Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Washington said, “Something about contact with nature is soothing and restorative and thereby good for mental health.”

Scientific studies link taking time in nature and natural environments to positive results like increased vigor, lower stress, and improved memory, along with other health benefits. Even the hospitality industry is embracing wellness trends.

We need nature. We are biologically wired to respond to the natural environment.

Professor Roger Ulrich and his colleagues conducted a study in order to discover ways to enhance patient healthcare. They found that nature images helped speed recovery. Ulrich says, “…Investigators have consistently reported that stress-reducing or restorative benefits of simply viewing nature are manifested as a constellation of positive emotional and physiological changes.”

“In a natural setting, people are more relaxed and less stressed.” – David Yaden, University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Centre Research Fellow

A Cosmic Gateway taps into the benefits of biophilia in decor and design. It’s all about bringing the outdoors IN.



Imagine being an astronaut drifting in the awesome vastness of space. What stars would you see that you’ve never seen before? Cosmic Gateway brings the awe-inspiring perceptual experience of space into any room and can promote health by reestablishing a lost connection with the natural world.

Your Cosmic Gateway is a stunning, original work of art which reflects, and often enhances, the personality, creativity, inspiration, and mind of the viewer. It brings the great outdoors inside, and restores your ability to stargaze – even in a city!

Check out the Style Options for your Cosmic Gateway, and book a free consultation today.

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