Cosmic Gateway skylight room


Please browse below for answers to frequently asked questions about Cosmic Gateway. I discuss things you should know to make an informed purchase including, pricing, materials & process, ideal locations for your indoor stargazing portal, and a description of the finished product. Check out the Cosmic Gateway blog for more information and inspiration.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Prices depend on application and size and all projects are quoted individually because no two jobs are the same. Please see the Style Options & Pricing page. I am happy to provide free estimates. What I quote is what you pay – no surprises.

Materials & Process

Q: Do you use those glow in the dark stickers, or plastic stars that they sell in the dollar store?

A: No!  Your Cosmic Gateway is a unique, custom-painted masterpiece that adds luxury and value to your property.

Q: I’ve seen glow-in-the-dark paint in stores. Is that what you use?

A: No! I use a non-toxic, professional-grade, water-based, acrylic paint. It is engineered with phosphorescent pigments and rare earth minerals for glow duration and colour. My exclusive paint is not sold in stores. With each Cosmic Gateway, you are getting super-glowing paint, along with my artistry and expertise.

Q: How long will the stars glow?

A: The long-lasting paint glows all night will be brightest in the first few hours. This paint glows at least 10 times longer and brighter than mass-produced, retail paints and lasts for decades.

Cosmic Gateway’s first type of paint, CG-3, is a moon-glow yellow paint that glows for up to an hour and is brightest in the first 15 minutes. It slowly fades as the stargazer falls asleep. Great for children’s rooms. As the stars dim, their little peepers drift closed so they can get some sleep. The CG-10 paint glows with a glacier blue shine all night. It is brightest in the first couple of hours.

Specialty colours (cosmic orange, celestial blue) are available. Their glowing times vary by pigment, and typically fall between the CG-3 and CG-10 range.

Q: Will there be a mess?

A: No, I use a proprietary, mess-free method to paint the stars.

Q: Do I need to remove or cover all of my furniture?

A: If I can move a stepladder around, then we should be good to go! My painting process is not messy, so there is no need to remove your furniture, and no special room preparation is necessary. Please temporarily remove valuables and breakables from the room before the job.

Q: What happens with ceiling fans and lights?

A: No need to remove anything. The lights and ceiling fans will not be noticed in front of the stars in your darkened room.

Q: How do you create the Cosmic Gateway, and can we watch?

A: I respectfully ask that you don’t watch. I am licensed to use a proprietary method to create each Cosmic Gateway, and I am obligated under contract to protect trade secrets. I appreciate your understanding.

Ideal Locations

Q: Where should I put a Cosmic Gateway?

A: Anywhere really, but a Cosmic Gateway is ideal for:

• Bedrooms
• Hallways
• Home Theaters/Entertainment Rooms
• Bathrooms
• Family Rooms
• Meditation Rooms
• Offices
• Class Rooms
• Hospitals/Long Term Care Facilities
• RVs/Trailers
• Cruise Ships
• Resorts
• Hotels
• Motels
• Bed & Breakfasts

Q: Can you do any type of ceiling?

A: Flat, vaulted, popcorn, acoustic, and even beamed ceilings.

Q: Will it work if the room isn’t pitch black? For example, what if there’s a nightlight, or a light on in the hallway?

A: Just like the real stars, too much light pollution will reduce the visibility of your Cosmic Gateway. Use a window shade, and maybe close the bedroom door. A small amount of light won’t spoil the effect too much. However, the darker the room is, the better the entire Cosmic Gateway will appear.

Finished Product

Q: Does it start glowing right away?

A: Leave your lights on for 30 minutes. The brighter, the better. This energizes the paint. Think of it like charging a battery. Then, once the lights are out, your Cosmic Gateway appears. Be sure to give your eyes time to adjust to the dark in order to experience the full effect.

Q: Why aren’t my stars glowing like you said they would?

A: The stars will glow as advertised with proper lighting. Think of the glow-in-the-dark paint like a rechargeable battery. It needs bright light to charge. Crystals in the paint soak up the light and get energized. When the lights go out, the crystals release the light and the paint glows.

Here are some lighting sources listed from MOST to LEAST effective:

  • Black Light – tube or CFL spiral (24″ fixture and tube, and 18″ long fixtures and bulbs can be found online.) Black light is high in UV, ultra violet; and the paint is energized quickly with it.
  • Black Light UV LED’s
  • White fluorescent tubular bulbs
  • Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb “Daylight”
  • LED bulbs 100-Watt equivalent
  • Some TVs will energize the stars just fine.
  • Incandescent bulbs – standard light bulb – the brighter the better
  • Indirect sunlight. (Western window better, reflecting upward off of white carpet better.

Q: What does it look like when the job is finished?

A: You have to see it to really get it. Book a free demonstration. The 3D illusion of a dark sky full of twinkling stars is so realistic that you’ll swear you are actually took your roof off, and were sleeping under a crystal-clear sky full of stars.

Unfortunately, cameras need light to work properly, so I’m still working on taking a photo that doesn’t just look dim and blurry. Stay tuned…

…so I managed to take some pictures.

Glow-in-the-dark Cosmic Gateway


Glow-in-the-dark photography Cosmic Gateway Product Photo

Glow-in-the-dark Cosmic Gateway


I used a UV flashlight (blacklight) to charge the paint and take a photo in the dark, or to add bluish-violet background colour. Check out this post I wrote after I took my first pictures of Cosmic Gateway glow-in-the-dark star murals.

Cosmic Gateway Google Business Post