Please browse below for answers to frequently asked questions about Cosmic Gateway. I discuss things you should know to make an informed purchase including, pricing, materials & process, ideal locations for your indoor stargazing portal, and a description of the finished product. Check out the Cosmic Gateway blog for more information and inspiration. Price Q:

FAQ – How Does it Look?

It is HARD to take pictures in the dark. Cameras usually need light to operate. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to take some photos using an LED UV flshlight (a blacklight). I compiled some of those photos into a video for you. It looks WAY cooler in person, so contact Kim to arrange a free demonstration. Looking

FAQ – Price

Q: How much does it cost? A: Prices depend on application and size and all projects are quoted individually because no two jobs are the same. Please see the Style Options & Pricing page. I am happy to provide free estimates. What I quote is what you pay – no surprises.

FAQ – Finished Product

Q: Does it start glowing right away? A: Leave your lights on for 30 minutes. The brighter, the better. This energizes the paint. Think of it like charging a battery. Then, once the lights are out, your Cosmic Gateway appears. Be sure to give your eyes time to adjust to the dark in order to experience

FAQ – Ideal Locations

Q: Where should I put a Cosmic Gateway? A: Anywhere really, but a Cosmic Gateway is ideal for: • Bedrooms • Hallways • Home Theaters/Entertainment Rooms • Bathrooms • Family Rooms • Meditation Rooms/Yoga Studios • Offices • Class Rooms • Hospitals/Long Term Care Facilities • RVs/Trailers • Cruise Ships • Resorts • Hotels • Motels • Bed & Breakfasts * Q:

FAQ – Materials & Process

Q: Do you use those glow in the dark stickers, or plastic stars that they sell in the dollar store? A: No!  Your Cosmic Gateway is a unique, custom-painted masterpiece that adds luxury and value to your property. * Q: I’ve seen glow-in-the-dark paint in stores. Is that what you use? A: No! I use